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There was a need in the market for effective lottery software that can deliver where other software systems fail. Through very extensive testing the software was developed and tested by a professional in the industry. The solutions are for Pick3 games for all the US based and international pick3 games and pick5 jackpot lotteries.

The software makes use of very carefull researched algorithms thats been tested for months on end which give great results.We wont endorse it with our name on it if we dont believe in it. Our products are also tested in a live environment. We are very honoured to offer our elite software to our clients and we are sure they will be very satisfied with the results.Our moto and slogan on our software reads for a clear advantage over the rest

Clarity Pick 3 and Lotto Clarity

Clarity Pick3 will be released in January 2018 and Lotto Clarity for Pick5 and Pick6 are in development.Join our mailing list and subscribe to us to be notified at the bottom of our page

All US and Canadian based daily Pick3 lotteries are analyzed by the developer

Our software work an all the 49 US and Canadian States data and we can also support International Pick3 daily lotteries.Contact us for any enqueries.

Scientific algorithms built in

Our software will scientifically work out the skips on the draws and it will also show the expected first number digit to come out for the next draw.Our success rate on it is above 70%

Microsoft Windows based products

Currently our applications are only compatible on the Microsoft windows 32 bit and 64 bit platform.We will look into prospects to port it to other platforms.

Why the Clarity brand ?

Clarity Pick3 was thoroughly tested in a live environnment on US data and the results was exceptionally good. Product was thoroughly tested and not rushed as we said we wont endorse it if we are not happy with it. On any purchase of Our products our products comes with 12 months free upgrades to the software. After the 12 months a renewal maintenance can be purchased at a very low minimal cost.Clarity Pick3 are not for the average player as the user will have a clear advantage over the rest. Its an investment that can help you generate extra income every week.The most common problem for Pick3 players are the first number it's the most trickiest to predict.We have NAILED it with our software algorithm with a high success rate.Stop playing blindly to wait for your number to turn up -Thats money in the water.Any Pick 3 in the world have a pattern, and players dont realize that. Our software show you the pattern and increases your chances.A Clarity Pick 3 user have a major advantage over the rest of Pick 3 players as 99% of them play blindly and rely on luck.


IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!- Clarity Pick3 requires an internet connection to verify the license.Product also comes with Anti tampering software built in.Clarity Pick3 is not for the average pick3 player -its a professional pick 3 system for the serious pick3 player.Its a pick 3 INVESTMENT. We will also reveal a skip patern secret in our software guide -The STRUCTURE of a "WINNING" number.Only revealed to our clients

Creative Design/

Scientifically work out the correct skips on the history of the draw

Autopilot first number algorithm prediction built-in/

High success rate on the first number of the new draw

Extensive software filters/

Filters give the application a customizable effect as the outcome depend on filters applied

/Two Versions are available

Clarity Pick 3 comes with 2 versions -1)MultiDraw any state Data can be imported and exported. The Multidraw excludes the backtesting button but an Import/Export button.

2)A single State our standard Clarity Pick3 comes with a backtesting facility for that specific States data.A single State includes all the States draws -Morning Afternoon Eve Midnight -example Texas.

/Tools built in

For easy data manipilation in Microsoft Excel.Doesnt support Open Office

/Technical support App built in

With your purchase you have lifelong technical support

Our payment processor of choice are Paypal. For your and our protection the transaction take place on Paypal's website and are 100% Secure.We offer a 15 day no questions asked refund policy with Paypal.

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We have 50 US States and Canada to setup -kindly drop us an email to confirm that your State are setup.We will accomodate the states where there is a demand first.


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Our software comes with a support function built in to contact us.For any other related questions or queries you are welcome to fill in this form and contact us.

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